Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm on a houseguest strike

So this past month was full of entertaining. My family, his family, friendsfriends. It was hard to control what I was putting in my mouth and I was very bad about journalling... I could probably have guestimated how many calories that delicious German Chocolate cake was, but how depressing to write down such a big number. Well, I am now on strike from houseguests. I'm not inviting anyone over for at least a month. I am going to get my life and eating habits back under control and it's going to start with Karilynn's challenge of the week. I have been writing everything down today and I will continue to do so.


Ellura said...

Awesome! I have been pretty on and off again about the food journaling but it really helped me see where some of my problems were. Sometimes I thought I was eating good until I saw the calories and nutritional information. This sounds like a good way for you to get where you want to be. And sounds like you could use a few relaxing weeks!

Jack said...

try not to think of it as a starting over just a starting point. i hope that this month goes well for you. i know that when i food journal it really opens my eyes to the reality of what i'm eating. it helps! i love for the daily plate. they've got like everything right down to the name brand in there so you don't ahve to do calculations or anything. Good luck! (mindy - signed in as my hubby)

Moi said...

Its amazing how easily side tracked we get. (I am so in that boat.) Way to recommit.